How can our on demand gel packaging technology help your business?


One half pallet of Arctic Express Gel Packs can equal up to 18 pallets of traditional gel packs!


Storage, Transportation, and Handling

  • - 24,000 AEP gel packs on 1 pallet = 500 lbs
  • - 1,800 gel packs on 1 pallet = 1,900 lbs

Based on 16 ounce gel packs, 36 per case, 50 cases per pallet.


Arctic Express Packs Complete Freezer System

AEP's footprint is significantly smaller than what current technology allows.

AEP's customers will save on freezer purchases and freezer maintenance while greatly reducgin energy consumption.


Automation at the Production Line

AEP's system can be dispensed into mobile carts, delivered on-demand to a packer.

AEP's system even allows for full automation by communication with your WMS system.